Pesto Torta  

Delicious layers of a three cheese blend alternating with Pesto, served with French Bread

Tortilla Española 

A traditional Spanish tapa, a frittata of potatoes and onions, served in wedges
Layered Tortilla 

A triple layer frittata drizzled with Salsa Rosada sauce, the base layer is the Tortilla Española, the second layer is a frittata of spinach and ham, and the final layer is a shrimp frittata, served in wedges.

Assortment of Spanish cheeses and sausage


Marcona Almonds from Spain and Rosemary Walnuts 

Seasonal Fruit Platter  

With a Rum Fruit Dip

Three cheese fondue Dip

Dip with New Potatoes and French Bread

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TAPAS (appetizers)